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chengdu panda tour [上一篇]

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chengdu panda tourwww.westchinago.com

Panda Story Cinema

The growth of giant panda is full of secret; we can get some knowledge on their life through a wonderful growth documentary in Panda Story Cinema. We can appreciate many valuable scenes on birth, growth and procreation of giant panda.

5Giant Panda Sunshine Nursery

Giant Panda Sunshine Nursery is located in Core Giant Panda Breeding Area and the place where the expectant, newly born and juvenile giant pandas live in; it is called the kindergarten of giant panda.

5Giant Panda Moon Nursery

Giant Panda Moon Nursery is located in the deep of Core Giant Panda Breeding Area, as Giant Panda Sunshine Nursery, it is mainly used for taking care of newly born and juvenile giant pandas.

5Swan Lake

Swan Lake is located in north part of Chengdu Research Base of Giant Panda Breedingand close to Rose Garden, which covers 10,000 sq.m; it is wild and beautiful. The water is sparkling with black and white swans, wild ducks and five color fancy carps living in it.

5Giant Panda Museum

Giant Panda Museum built in 1992 is the earliest museum for giant pandas, the rare treasure and is located in the Chengdu Research Base of Giant Panda Breeding. Giant Panda Hall, Butterfly Hall and Vertebrate Hall, totally covering about 4,000 sq. m, are set in the museum.



You should arrive early in the morning because pandas are semi-nocturnal and sleep in the middle of the day.
Opening Hours: 08:00-17:30

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